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We provide everything you need for your residential demolition!

Residential demolition is an option when you want to remodel a room in your home, downsize or expand your home, or completely remove a residential property. In cases the entire home is demolished, it is mainly because the land is in great condition and in a great location and the homeowner would like a newer or bigger home built. Our team of professionals has years of experience in residential demolitions and will provide you with the best care for your project.

We handle all types of residential demolitions.

  • Entire home removals for new construction
  • Partial home removal
  • Downsizing or expanding your home
  • Remodeling a room in your home

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    Residential Demolition

    Reasons for Residential Demolition

    Our demolition experts are here for your residential demolition needs whether you need a room of your home demolished or the entire house we do it all! We are licensed and insured to complete your home demolition safely and quickly as possible. There are many different reasons you may need demolition services to your home and we are just one call away!

    Home Remodels
    When you decide to remodel part of your home a demolition expert can help assist you in clearing the way for your new project. Our team can remove cabinets, non-load-bearing walls, flooring, and appliances. Interior demolitions allow homeowners to have a clean slate for their remodeling visions to come to life. Not only will these demolition experts remove what needs to be gone for your home remodel, but they will also do all the necessary clean up and debris removal to get your project started.
    Unsafe Home
    When a house becomes condemned it means it has been declared uninhabitable. It won’t be livable again unless you make significant repairs. When homes are left neglected, they can become infested with animals and different insects. A house with an infestation is not only an inconvenience but a major health hazard. While sometimes you may be able to call an exterminator, there are some conditions that are so bad you need a demolition. Sometimes it’s better to cut your losses and rebuild rather than sink money into redeeming the structure.
    Using Land for New Builds
    When you’re wanting to buy land for building a new home it can be hard to find a great location. Sometimes you’ll find land that is perfect that has a structure on it and need to structure removed. With demolition services, these experts can come out and remove the structure from the property giving you a great piece of property to build your dream home on. Not only can these experts remove the structure, but clear the land so it is ready for your dream home!

    Residential Demolition

    All About Benefits

    A few of the great benefits of residential demolition

    Environmentally Friendly
    When houses in the community are too far gone or new construction is planned to take their place it is environmentally friendly to demolish them. This can guarantee that there are no factors that could do harm to the environment such as run-off from decomposing materials to end up in groundwater. With demolition experts, some materials can be reused or recycled which can help the environment as well. These materials being reused prevent new materials from having to be manufactured and shipped giving additional benefits.
    Community Benefits
    Many demolitions are done not just to benefit homeowners, but the community as well. If a home has become run down or structurally dangerous, having it demolished is beneficial to the community to keep it safe. Condemned homes in the area can be demolished and turned into new homes for residents or even play areas for children and families in the community. This provides safe housing for more residents and keeps the community looking its best.
    Financial Benefits
    If your home or property has become too far gone and repairs are more costly than the property it may be best to demolish and build new. Demolishing a home to build a new home may seem like a lot but in many circumstances be proven more cost-effective than trying to repair or restore the home. If the home sits on a great piece of land, you can remove it and build your dream home not only saving you money but increasing the property value.

    Residential Demolition Services

    Our company is committed to providing you the best services possible whether it is for a home remodel or complete demolition. We can give you a clean slate to create your dream kitchen or build your dream home for a great low price!

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    process and expectations

    Demolition Services Las Vegas Nevada

    Our process and expectations

    We give you all the information needed for you perfect demolition

    The process of demolition is dependant on different factors including whether you plan to just gut your kitchen for a remodel or start over completely and rebuild. For a single room, we can take out non-load-bearing walls, remove cabinets and appliances, or remove flooring. If you plan on starting fresh we will deconstruct the home which is like reverse construction and clear the land for a new build. Generally, the price ranges from $5,000-$12,000 depending on the project but the average is around $3,800.

    The timeframe of each job is unique to the job itself. In some cases, it may take a day while others take several days. There is the machinery, the demolition, and the cleanup to consider when thinking of a timeframe.