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Demolition Services Las Vegas Nevada has a team of experts that are experienced in industrial demolitions. We can guarantee quick service to demolish industrial plants like heavy manufacturing plants, chemical plants, and oil refineries and take care of the cleanup as well. Our company is trained in the removal of smokestacks and power plant decommissioning. Our team can aid in the management of post-closure obligations with a deep knowledge of all the practices needed for a successful industrial demolition.

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  • Experienced demolition experts you can trust
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  • Knowledge of industrial demolitions

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    Industrial Demolitions

    Reasons for Industrial Demolitions

    Industrial demolitions happen for many different reasons and can vary from interior demolitions, partial exterior, and full structure demolitions. Industrial buildings may be in need of expansion for different sections of the building or there is a hazard that needs to be addressed. In some cases, the whole building needs demolishing for the safety of the community to prevent fire hazards.

    Hazard Reduction
    Preventing fire hazards is a city-wide goal and the community will be thankful that industrial hazards are taken care of properly. Demolition experts are trained in removing hazards and clearing debris in the safest way possible. Nearby flame hazards and explosive materials require proper care that demolition professionals can remove safely. Asbestos is also a concern that our trained professionals can handle by clearing this dangerous debris. Industrial plants and buildings have many chemicals in them that have to be handled with care in the demolition process.
    Building Expansion
    There are cases in which industrial plants will need more space whether for storage or production and a demolition expert is here to help. Most often demolitions are associated with tearing down whole buildings, but we can do partial exterior and interior as well. When doing an interior demolition we can take a previous space and make it a blank slate for you to remodel to fit the industry needs. You may not need the whole structure removed and just a partial wall for expansion and our team can do that safely.
    Damaged Structures
    There are many different reasons to need a complete demolition, but extreme damage to the structure is one of the main causes. Industries may need more room to expand and other buildings on the property may stand in the way of that. Complete demolitions are done to get rid of older structures to make room for these additions. Damaged structures may also need to be demolished if it affects the buildings vital facilities such as underground plumbing lines electric lines.

    Industrial Demolition

    Benefits of Demolition

    A few of the benefits of industrial demolition

    Environmentally Friendly
    When it is time for buildings to become demolished or decommissioned, specifically industrial plants, you have to be careful of the hazards that can come with these facilities. Different chemicals and fire hazardous materials can be present in industrial buildings that professionals will need to care for. When these buildings need demolishing, you can count on demolition experts to remove these harmful substances without any negative impact to the environment. Once demolished and the substances removed, these professionals ensure all worry of environmentally damaging hazards are free and clear.
    Makes Way For New Projects
    At times, industrial buildings become vacant and run down requiring demolition. As sad as it is to see past industries fade away, the buildings that once housed them can become a hazard as well as an eyesore to the community. Demolishing these buildings makes way for new development where other businesses can come in and provide jobs or even a clear place for a park or playground depending on location. There are many things this site can turn into once the building is demolished which helps the community.
    Updates and Renovations
    When you think of demolitions you often think of the whole building toppling to the ground to a pile of dust. That may be true in some cases, but oftentimes you’ll find that a lot of demolitions are used for remodels and renovations to extend the business. Industries often need more space for production, lab spaces, or even parking that require partial demolition so these spaces can be built. Demolition is very beneficial to providing a clean slate for these extensions and renovations.

    Industrial Demolition Specialist

    Our team of experts provides any type of industrial demolition you require all at a low cost to you! We offer hazard removal and will guarantee the space is free and clear and ready for whatever use you have in mind.

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    Know the Facts

    Final thoughts to know about industrial demolition

    There are many factors to consider such as the price, process, and time it will take to complete.

    There are many different factors that contribute to the price, time frame, and process of your industrial demolition. As far as the time frame goes you can expect anywhere from 3-7 days depending on the size and location of the structure. The national average for an industrial demolition is anywhere from $4-$8 per square foot but it depends on the size, location, and any potential hazards as to what the final price will be. The process is usually completed quickly by either explosion/implosion or mechanical demolition including high-reach excavators.

    Trust in your demolition experts to get your industrial demolition taken care of. We can guarantee a fast and easy process all while keeping the site and team as safe as possible. We offer great rates and can help you step by step with your industrial demolition process.