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Asset recovery is an important part of the demolition process that not only has environmental benefits but financial benefits as well. ASset recovery helps clients capitalize on job site unused materials through recycling, reuse, or resale. A wealth of materials can be found inside the walls of demolition such as glass, wiring, and metal that our professionals can help you salvage for future use or resale.

Asset Recovery Includes:

  • Wiring
  • Bricks
  • Flooring
  • Glass

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    The Benefits Of

    Asset Recovery

    Asset recovery is an important part of demolition to not only help reuse valuable materials but to recycle materials that can be useful. Asset recovery prevents filling up landfills with materials that could otherwise be reused. When you find materials on the site that can be reused you have an asset, and assets have value! Not only is asset recovery environmentally friendly but it is economically smart as well!

    Safe Asset Removal
    Our team of demolition experts can guarantee the safety of asset recovery to maximize profit and reduce your carbon footprint. We can safely remove difficult materials such as wiring and glass without the fear of ruining the material. Some materials may require extra machinery or a strong back to acquire and we can ensure that these materials are recovered safely and are licensed and insured to guarantee the safety of the crew as well as the job site.
    Environmentally Friendly
    Asset recovery is great for the environment and will give you a great carbon footprint! Recovering things such as glass, wiring, brick, and other materials prevent them from being sent to a landfill. Our team comes in and can help decide what can be recovered to be recycled or resold. Many demolitions are filled with many different materials that can be reused and recycled which can in turn give you additional profit for your project and be better for the environment at the same time.
    Additional Profit
    Asset recovery can bring in additional revenue that you can either take to the bank or put back into your demolition project. Materials such as metal can be reused and sold for a good price by weight and bring in quite a pretty penny back in your pocket. Our experts can help decide which materials can be recycled for money or other materials that can be reused and sold to maximize your capital during your project!

    The Steps Of

    Asset Recovery

    There are certain steps taken when going through asset recovery

    Asset Recovery
    Every building has hidden valuables in it and asset recovery assists in recovering, removing, and selling these materials. Support timbers can be sold to restoration specialists and plumbing, light fixtures, and even roofing materials can be reused. The first step is figuring out which assets are of value, then comes redeployment. This is deciding what materials can be reused either on-site or other places. The final step is selling these materials which in most cases can be used to offset demolition prices.
    Removing Hazardous Materials
    The materials we use in modern building times compared to those used just mere decades ago are vastly different. Materials such as asbestos were common in many households and are now considered dangerous and need to be removed from the building or it can cause serious health issues. After recovering as many assets as possible, our team will then come in and remove any hazardous materials per your state and local laws. Each state has different laws on how these materials should be handled as they are hazardous!
    Scrap Metal
    Once everything is removed from the building you may have a metal “skeleton” left of a building. There’s no need for this metal to go to waste! Our professionals can take these materials and turn them into money. Recycling this metal is not only great for the environment but can also give back a profit that you can keep yourself or invest back into your property. Making the most of this leftover metal is not just a smart business move, but a profitable one!
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    Choosing the Best

    Demolition Services Las Vegas Nevada

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    Our company takes pride in our excellent customer care, safety protocols, expertise, and low pricing! Our experts can quickly assess what is of value, what can be recycled, and what can be sold. We guarantee the safety of your job site as well as the crew in assisting in recovering materials such as lumber, brick, wiring, glass, and much more. Asset recovery is great for the environment and in turn, can help you make a profit to invest back into the property!

    Our company is committed to offering you the highest quality in asset recovery not only to guide you in what’s recyclable but what you can use to maximize profit.

    Asset Recovery Specialist

    We are the experts in asset recovery and can guarantee safety and professionalism in your asset recovery demolition services. Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote!

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