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Our team of professionals is here for your commercial demolition needs! We offer interior, partial exterior, and whole building demolitions. Interior demolitions occur in the office or retail spaces that want a clean slate for new designs or layouts for the area to be used. Our team is highly familiar with the most in-demand types of demolition. Our professionals have the highest safety and cleanliness standards and ensure the job site is clean and tidy upon completion.

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    Commercial Demolitions

    Reasons You Need Commercial Demolition

    There are many reasons to choose commercial demolitions, whether you’re looking for a remodel for health purposes or attracting more tenants or customers. Initial price demolition can be higher than that of simply remodeling. Still, the long term benefits are higher in the end! Our demolition team can help save you money in the long run and help bring your vision to life, starting with a fresh slate!

    Some Properties Need Endless Repairs
    Over time buildings can become run-down, especially if they have sat unoccupied for a while. A small part of you may want to preserve the building as long as possible, but a point comes it makes more financial sense to start from scratch. Constant repairs can become expensive and even exceed demolition costs. If a building is eating up your funding, it may be best to demolish. Crumbling foundations can be more expensive than demolishing all together. A run-down property can keep quality tenants and customers away, affecting profits in the long run.
    Asbestos can affect all remodeling projects. It was used in vinyl flooring, paint, and plaster before it was linked to health concerns. If the building was built before the 1980s, asbestos might have been used in the building process. Once it is disturbed, it can be airborne and cause major health concerns. Rather than paying for expensive remodeling and removal services, demolition may be your best option for asbestos. The building will have to be inspected for asbestos and lead paint and mold, so it is important to have a demolition expert experienced with similar demolition jobs.
    The Space Isn’t Functional
    Many developers choose demolition, so your space is more functional for future use. You may want to reconstruct different rooms or create more parking spaces, and demolition experts can make that happen. The more functional your space is, the more tenants or customers you’ll attract. There are situations that buildings may have outgrown the space, and older structures need demolishing to make room for larger buildings to better serve customers. The more functional your space is, the more profits you’ll make.

    Commercial Demolition Services

    Benefits of Commercial Demolition

    There are many great benefits to commercial demolitions!

    Community Development
    Demolition experts are called when buildings age and become unsafe. Professionals can assess what can be restored or when a building is no longer safe for use. Different agencies rely on demolition experts to assess structures for safety and give educated options. It can be sad to see old commercial sites demolished, but this is crucial not just for the safety of communities but also for the growth of these communities. Removing these old and unsafe buildings gives room for new growth!
    Contamination Control
    Demolition experts can safely determine a safe course of action for identifying and removing contaminated materials. These professionals can dispose of these harmful materials and replace them with fresh, clean soil making the area safe for nearby schools and parks. Having an environmental demolition helps with both contamination control and recycling. Old chemical facilities and gas stations can pollute the area, and demolition experts are brought in to safely clean up. These experts are trained in finding everything that can be reused and recycled safely.
    Natural Disaster Control
    Natural disasters such as tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes create destruction to many buildings and can come without warning. Once the disaster subsides, demolition crews work alongside first responders providing cleanup, which can aid in search and rescue. Our professionals provide expertise in which buildings are safe to enter and when others are far too dangerous. Our teams clear away rubble and haul it away to allow developers to utilize the space again after disaster strikes.

    Commercial Demolition

    The Process of Commercial Demolition

    Think of demolition as reverse construction done safely by experts.

    Although the most efficient demolition method is explosion/implosion, the most common process is machinery demolition. This process involves bulldozers, excavators, wrecking balls, and wire rope pulls. Our experts use the best technology to ensure accuracy and safety. This method of demolition wrecks down a structure in no time. First, the building will be inspected to be sure there aren’t any safety hazards. Once this is done, we make sure all utilities are shut off. Finally, the demolition can begin and is done quickly.

    We guarantee that your demolition is completed quickly and efficiently. All debris removal is complete and ready for new construction!

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