Demolition Las Vegas

    Why You Should Use Us!

    In Las Vegas, you want a team of demolition experts that know what to do, especially in highly populated areas, in residential areas and when you are dealing with delicate toxic materials. Our team can handle any task in terms of demolition and down below, you will find why you should use us!


    Safe Demolition Practices

    Our team always prioritizes safety over everything else. It doesn’t matter where we are working, safety is our number 1 concern.


    Licensed, Bonded & Insured

    Our team is licensed, bonded and insured for our safety and yours. You also won’t have to worry about pulling permits, we will!


    Decades Of Experience

    Our team has decades of combined experience in demolition. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the job is, we got you covered!

    Local Demolition Experts

    Our Services

    Our team offers a full range of demolition services to help everyone in Las Vegas.

    We know that the needs of property owners in Las Vegas are diverse, so we made sure to include anything you might need in our services. We offer services like metal processing, metal recycling, and hauling services, if you need something demolished, we have the equipment and knowledge to help!

    Down below, you will find a few of the services we bring to our neighbors in Las Vegas:

    • Commercial Demolition
    • Demolition & Wrecking
    • Asset Recovery
    • Remediation Services
    • Concrete Crushing/ Recycling
    • Industrial Demolition

    A Closer Look

    A Guide To Our Demolition Services

    Looking for a way to remodel your home without the hassle of tearing everything out yourself and dealing with the mess afterward, call the pros in Las Vegas today for help with all of your demolition needs! Down below, we will be taking a closer look at all of our services.


    When it comes to demolition, there’s nothing our team cant do! We offer services like structural demolition, interior demolition, partial demolition, and even tank decommissioning. Our team is trained and has the equipment to get any job completed safely and in a timely manner.

    While we can only assist in remodels or rebuilding of homes in the residential sector, we offer our excavators and cranes to our industrial and commercial clients so there is no job too large!


    When you demolish a structure, chances are there will be a vast amount of metals in the structure. You have three options when it comes to steel, pay to put it in a landfill, recycle it for free, or sell it! As you have probably guessed, most opt to sell the steel.

    Our team is one of the few companies in Las Vegas to offer this service and even if the steel is worth scrap, we can help you recycle it!


    When we tear down a structure that has a majority of concrete composure, we know that concrete is an extremely durable material so it won’t break down in landfills very well. This is why we offer the services of concrete crushing and recycling!

    We start by tearing down the structure, cutting the pieces down to manageable size, remove as much metal as possible and throw the concrete into our crusher! This will minimize the carbon footprint of the process and keep resources for concrete high!

    Additional Services

    While we are the leading demolition crew in Las Vegas and surrounding cities, we offer additional services that really put us over the top! From our remediation services to our asset recovery, our team offers it all! Down below, we will be talking a little more about our additional services.


    When it comes to the removal and transport of toxic materials, our team is versed in all local, state and federal regulations to make sure everything is disposed of properly and safely for us and the environment.

    Materials that are listed as hazardous are materials that are ignition, corrosive, reactive and toxic. Here at Demolition Las Vegas, if we find any of these hazards on your job site, you can count on us to take care of it accordingly.


    If you are planning the demolition of a plant, manufacturing facility or any structure with valuables inside, our team can help you come up with a demolition plan that will get any items of value out.

    Not only can we identify and remove any items of value within a structure, but we can also remove them and even increase the value of the demolition project. With controlled demolition, we can get any item of even low durability out without a scratch!


    The demolition of older commercial and industrial facilities in Las Vegas may require lead or asbestos abatement before the actual demolition project can begin, making sure everyone in the building and the surrounding areas stay safe.

    A few of the most common things that will need to be removed or decontaminated are popcorn ceilings, lead pipes, lead paints and lead housings. This will ensure the project is kept clean and our team out of harm’s way.

    Trust The Professionals

    About Our Demolition Services

    What you need to know

    Interior Demolition

    Also referred to as gutting, this is a process where we tear down walls, valuable electrical wires, and the plumbing while the exterior of the structure is left unharmed. This is a common process in many residential homes and outdated businesses.

    Partial Demolition

    Partial demolition is a service we offer that involves different rooms or sections of a building when they become damaged due to natural disasters or acts of man. We can demolish a section of a building, leaving the areas you wish to keep untouched.

    Exterior Demolition

    Often the more affordable option from tearing down your building and starting from scratch, exterior demolition involves the removal of windows, structural columns and any exterior finish such as brick or stucco. This is the most economical way to remodel the exterior of a structure.

    Where We Work

    Sectors We Service In Las Vegas

    We know that property owners are diverse so we made sure that everyone is included in our services! We bring our demolition expertise to the commercial, industrial and residential sectors to make sure everyone in Las Vegas has a chance to work with us! Down below, you will find out more about our work in different sectors.


    Here at Las Vegas Demolition, we can handle any commercial demolition project you may have. We have worked on hundreds of commercial facilities in our time of service and are standing by to help you with yours! From abatement to asset and investment retrieval, our team can help you demolish areas like:

    • Warehouses
    • Retail Centers
    • Hotels
    • Parking Garages


    When it comes to our residential demo services, we can work with you to create a plan that will make the demolition process go faster on our end and help you down the line when it comes time to rebuild.

    While we tend to stay away from smaller projects, our team is here to help with larger spectrum projects like the complete gutting of the interior, tear down of the home and remodels.


    With a modern fleet of equipment, a team pouring with knowledge and the benefit of being licensed, bonded and insured, you can count on our team to perform any industrial demolition project with ease. Our team approaches industrial sites with a safety-first attitude and even a wide knowledge of power plant layouts and design. Down below, you’ll find a few of the industrial sectors we can demolish:

    • Power Plants
    • Distribution Areas
    • Casinos
    • Laboratories

    Demolition Methods

    What You Need To Know

    Small Scale


    Pry Bars are one of the most efficient tools in residential demolition. They can be used to tear up flooring and even drywall when used properly.

    Hammers & Mallets

    Hammers and mallets are most commonly used to tear up flooring like tile and the underlying thinset. Mallets and hammers can also be used to remove showers.

    Household Tools

    We even use tools that you can find laying around the house in demolition like screwdrivers, drills, and hammers to remove appliances and other assets.

    Safety Equipment

    Even in the residential setting, our team comes prepared with safety equipment like respirators, steel toe boots, and long sleeve shirts to be prepared for anything!

    Large Scale

    Hydraulic Equipment

    Hydraulic equipment is used in heavy-duty applications like the teardown of concrete structures. Excavators make the movement and disposal of debris easier as well.

    Concrete Crushers

    Concrete crushers are how we recycle concrete, it crushes the material down into small pebbles and makes them useful as aggregate or decorative features.


    Explosives are used in the demolition of tall structures such as hotels or casinos, like the Stardust. We are trained to use controlled explosives to demolish structures.

    Wrecking Balls

    While the use of the wrecking ball has become less common with the popularity and efficiency of the excavator but it can still be used to demolish large buildings.