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Concrete crushing is a process in which heavy machines can come on-site and grind down concrete into gravel that can be recycled and reused. This gravel can be turned into filler for other concrete projects or to use for driveways. Once a building is done with being demolished and debris is taken away, machines can safely come in and do the crushing process.

Crushed Concrete Can Be Used For:

  • Landscaping
  • Road Compaction
  • Structural Fill
  • Pipe Bedding

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    The Benefits Of

    Concrete Crushing

    After the building structure is removed, the professionals can step in and reuse the concrete as well. Using heavy machinery to crush and grind concrete into smaller pieces makes it perfect for driveways, fillers, and landscaping projects. Concrete is a durable and strong material that has many benefits whether its in a slab or crushed into pieces!

    Concrete Is Durable
    Concrete is an incredible durable material that has many different uses. It is resistant to UV light, weather, impacts, and more and because it is such a strong material it doesn’t do well in landfills. The good thing about this “downfall” is that cocnrete is the perfect contender for recycling and reuse. Recycling concrete can make it perfect for other building projects such as landscaping with gravel, leveling, and structural fill. Concrete is a versatile material that shouldn’t go to waste and should always be reused.
    LEED Points
    Having an environmentally friendly job site and company as a whole is an important aspect to consider. With concrete crushing, not only are you keeping the material from ending up in a landfill but you are putting the recycled material to good use as well. Recycling this material prevents the need for new materials which saves on fuels and earns your company LEED points. Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, but your company will be regarded as environmentally friendly as well.
    Save Time and Money
    Concrete crushing happens on-site so there’s no worry for waiting on someone to come with crushed concrete for your project. Using the material you have already prevents you from having to buy it new and have it delivered which can save a ton of money! When you have to depend on ordering these materials not only is it costly, but then you have to wait for the delivery of these materials. It’s more affordable and makes sense to crush concrete on site!

    More Information About

    Concrete Crushing

    Everything to known about concrete crushing

    Crushing Process
    Concrete crushing involves heavy machinery grinding or “crushing” concrete to create smaller chinks and even gravel. Three main crushers are used and they are impact crushers, cone crushers, and jaw crushers. Jaw crushers are very popular and are similar to a giant nutcracker, breaking down larger pieces of concrete into smaller pieces. Instead of crushing concrete under pressure, impact crushers actually smash concrete using a spinning rotor with a hammer. A cone crusher is very straightforward being a cone that crushes concrete as it reaches the tip.
    Strong Material
    Crushed concrete is a strong and durable material that is great for driveways and walkways. This material makes for excellent driveway material because it hardens and compacts over time. Crushed concrete is easily installed and is long-lasting making it a wonderful material for long term use. Crushed concrete is a material that has many benefits and because of its versatility and budget-friendly price, is a great material for many different projects. This environmentally friendly material is even rated higher than traditional gravel.
    Budget-Friendly Price
    Crushed concrete is an environmentally friendly material because it stays out of landfills and is recycled and reused. There are many uses for this concrete type from driveways to a base for new concrete. Traditional gravel can be expensive to use as driveway material and for landscaping but because crushed concrete is recycled and reused, it is the more budget-friendly option. Crushed concrete costs around $11-$53 a ton or $1-$3 per cubic foot.
    Concrete Crushing Experts

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    Concrete Crushing Experts

    Our expert team provides excellent care when recycling your concrete.

    Our team of experts can come to complete your concrete crushing job in no time. We can guarantee to have the safest job site possible and are licensed and insured. We will use the highest quality machinery to grind your concrete into a reusable source for future use in driveways, walkways, structural fillers, landscaping, and much more. This material is an important part of different construction projects and it is a great way to positively contribute to the environment!

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    Crushed Concrete Experts

    It is important to ensure all available materials that can be used from a demolition site are recycled and reused. We can ensure that this happens with concrete crushing! Call today!

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